A one-stop-shop portal that makes sales’ jobs easier 

Credibly is a data-driven lending platform that makes access to right-sized capital. Credibly has been a force in the small business lending space since 2010, helping thousands of businesses each month find alternative lending options. 

Independent sales organizations (ISO) contribute a large portion of the business to Credibly. ISOs were required to contact our Sales Support team for most of the account and client activities. For example, an ISO had to contact a sale representative every single time when setting up a new account. It was a very time-consuming process and not very scalable. Therefore, my team and I were set out to launch a low-friction solution that assists ISOs with their day-to-day tasks – submit applications, track performances, manage accounts. 

I studied ISOs from across the country to understand their jobs and interactions with Credibly. This included contextual inquiry with ISOs on-site, user journey mapping, and qualitative user interviews about their experiences with Credibly. I kept all team members up to date on the latest findings and design decisions to ensure each of us has a global understanding of the product. I also worked with an external frontend development agency for implementation.

I designed a “one-stop shop” portal where all interactions would take place. It provides a self-serving experience with great transparency. It can potentially cut down the back-and-forth between ISOs and sale supports, as well as to make application process faster and easier. Although Credibly pivoted its business to become more customer-facing and ended up not pursuing the development of the ISO portal, it was a very precious experience to me - I was able to design a digital product that satisfied user needs and solved a real business problem.

A journey map of an Independent sales organizations (ISO).
A user flow diagram for the loan application flow.
Some hand sketches.
Early wireframes for the ISO portal.


Final design deliverables for The ISO portal.